Small Ride on Scrubber Dryer

ride on small

Product Overview:

  • Heavy duty ride-on floor scrubber drier for tough applications
  • 29” or 35” wide scrub path with adjustable brush pressure
  • On-board, dual voltage battery charger (110 volt & 240 volt)
  • Available for casual hire and outright purchase (new & fully refurbished models in stock)
  • Supplied with machine familiarisation, check sheets and our ongoing service support.

Spot Hire (Next Day Delivery)

Flexi Hire/Rolling Hire

Outright Purchase (New/Fully Refurbished)

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Small Ride on Scrubber Drier


The NSS Champ ZS29 is a snappy little ride on scrubber with great big ride on power. It is a  compact, manoeuvrable ride-on scrubber drier which offers exceptional cleaning without any operator fatigue, boasting a superb turning radius of 67\” that allows it to work in tight areas.

The NSS Champ ZS29 ride on scrubber dryer chosen by National Cash & Carry Outlets. Its turning radius allows it to work in tight areas such as the Wine & Spirits Department of the stores safely with no smashes or spillages. With its manoeuvrability and cleaning productivity, the NSS Champ ride on scrubber drier operates in numerous shopping centres and airports throughout the UK, delivering the perfect job every time.

Purchase the NSS Champ ZS29 ride on scrubber drier. We have both new & refurbished units available. You are also able to purchase & Lease with Maintenance packages.

Alternatively, Hire the NSS Champ ZS29 ride on scrubber dryer weekly or even for longer term hire requirements SRS Flexi Hire, meaning you can use the machine as and when you need it without having to worry about being bound into strict contractual agreements.




For those who love the performance characteristics of the NSS Champ ZS29 scrubber drier but need to clean larger floors, the NSS Champ ZS35 is the perfect Ride-On Scrubber Drier. For the same reliable, rugged dependability of the smaller NSS Champ ZS29, the NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber drier covers more floors with greater productivity.

With its enhanced brush and vacuum motors the NSS Champ ZS35 scrubber dryer is  ideal for facilities with large areas of open floor such as department stores, shopping centres, airport terminal corridors and large industrial applications.

Purchase the NSS Champ ZS35 ride on scrubber drier.  New and Refurbished units available. Lease, Service and Maintenance packages available

Hire the NSS Champ ZS35 ride on floor scrubber dryer weekly or for long term hire requirements SRS Flexi Hire.